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Byron Bay Backpacker Accommodation

Byron Bay Backpacker Accommodation

Byron Bay is a small coastal town located in the far north east of New South Wales. It is commonly regarded as the hippy capital of Australia, with its unique blend of people and alternative lifestyles. Geographically, it is Australia's most easterly point and is a popular destination for sunrise viewers who admire the colours of first light.

The town's several beaches are popular for surfing, fishing, swimming and sunbathing. It is also very popular amongst backpackers who often stay in Byron for lengthy periods as they unwind from their long journeys travelling the east coast of Australia. The Byron Bay lighthouse is known for offering a great vantage point for looking out over the ocean and viewing the migratory Humpback whales as they complete their journeys to warmer birthing grounds in the north and then back south to their feeding grounds in the Antarctic.

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